Currently, we are working on 4 projects: Solar Little Free Library, Sustain-a-ponics, Solar Dehydrator, and Bee Hotel. During general meetings, we break-out into our desired project group to continue the progress on these projects and meet throughout the week to accomplish our planned goals. You can find out more about each project below!

We appreciate the support and dedication of our members regarding our projects. If you would like to work in a more leadership role and start your own project please reach out to our President Owen or our VP of Proposals Patrick.

Current Projects

Solar Little Free Library

ESW has partnered with Allen Centennial Gardens to bring a solar-generated little free library. This will also function as a phone charger. Currently, this project is in the design process. Contact Elle for more information!

Solar Dehydrator

Solar dehydrator will act as a food dehydrator made for breadfruit. Breadfruit flour is a valuable resource for the South Pacific. This project is currently applying for grants and will start building soon. Contact Zach or Bailey for more details!






Come Join Us!


ESW has partnered with Spring Harbor Middle School to bring an aquaponics system to the on-campus greenhouse. This system will contain a  cylindrical fish tank and vertical plant beds. Along with the system, ESW is brainstorming education plans to teach middle school students about aquaponics. This project is in the preliminary design stage. Contact Violette for more information!

Bee Hotel

ESW has partnered with Allen Centennial Garden to bring a structure that will house beehives. This project is in the late design stage and will begin building soon. Contact Grace for more information!

Future Projects

Do you have a sustainability-related project idea? We would love to hear it! Please reach out to our board to propose your idea!