Currently, we are working on 2 projects: Project Solar and Project Aquaponics. During general meetings, we break-out into our desired project group to continue the progress on these projects and meet throughout the week to accomplish our planned goals. You can find out more about each project below!

We appreciate the support and dedication of our members regarding our projects. If you would like to work in a more leadership role and have more responsibility for our projects feel free to reach out to the President (Nick —, the VP of Projects (Ben —, or the specific Project Lead.

Current Projects

Project Solar

We are partnered with a group of graduate and undergraduate students, led by Prof. Giri Venkataramanan from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department on campus, helping them put together an E-Little Free Library (eLFL) charging station. Through this project, we are attempting to provide our campus with access to more LFLs as well as additional charging spots in places that students frequent via a solar-powered charging setup.

Project Aquaponics

Aquaponic cultivation functions as a closed-loop system, in which water and nutrient resources are conserved due to a mutual fertilization and filtering process between fish and plants. Due to the adjustable nature of aquaponic systems, the THINKponics team has designed an original schematic based on the concepts of gravity-based hydroponic tower gardens combined with the layout and functionality of a circuit board. The self-sustaining Aquacircuit prototype will provide interactive tools for hands-on classroom projects, ultimately improving STEAM education and providing opportunities for career exploration amongst local underserved youth.

Future Projects

Do you have a sustainability-related project idea? We would love to hear it! Please fill out and submit a form to us.