Executive Board


Owen Knych

Position title: President

Email: knych@wisc.edu

I’m a junior majoring in environmental engineering from Minneapolis. I enjoy biking, canoeing, cooking and Taylor swift

Board Members

Alex Aquino

Position title: VP of Design

Pronouns: he/him

Email: aquino3@wisc.edu

Zach Biernat

Position title: VP of Education and Co-Solar Dehydrator Lead

Pronouns: he/him

Email: ztbiernat@wisc.edu

Noah Brucker

Position title: VP of Finance

Patrick Grunklee

Position title: VP of Proposals

Pronouns: he/him

Email: pgrunklee@wisc.edu

Ethan Hermodson

Position title: VP of Communications

Pronouns: he/him

Email: hermodson@wisc.edu

Heyo I’m Ethan and I am VP of communications for ESW! So, if you get a beautifully crafted email, it is all me. If it has any mistakes, it is definitely not my work, someone…

Violette Simon

Position title: VP of Events and Sustain-a-ponics Education Lead

Pronouns: she/her

Email: vzsimon@wisc.edu

Becca Zelten

Position title: VP of Media

Pronouns: she/her

Email: rzelten@wisc.edu

I’m the person who makes all the questionable graphics you’ll see on the ESW Instagram. My crowning achievement is winning a breakdance competition in preschool.

Project Leads

Zach Biernat

Position title: VP of Education and Co-Solar Dehydrator Lead

Email: ztbiernat@wisc.edu

Grace Charlson

Position title: Bee Hotel Lead

Email: gcharlson@wisc.edu

Elle Lettner

Position title: Solar Little Free Library Lead

Email: lettner@wisc.edu

Bailey Tomsich

Position title: Co-Solar Dehydrator Lead

Email: btomsich@wisc.edu